Goblins are the primary antagonists in the game. They largely outnumber dwarves, and within a short period of time, will be found scattered throughout the mine networks. Their strongest forces are found closer to the Dwarven city, Glistenborg.

Types of Goblin Edit

There will be 3 types of goblin: Simple, mutated and chief. Simple goblins tend to be fairly weak compared to dwarves and pretty stupid, making up over 90% of goblin forces. At present, only the simple goblin has been implemented.

A mutated goblin is the result of one of their dark contraptions that violently changes their body structure and DNA, for better or for worse. The results are pretty random, some become very strong, some intelligent, but the complete inverse could also happen.

Goblin chiefs are war-hardened and trained for combat and leadership, but are at the same time, bloody cowards. They will never chase a dwarf back to his dwelling for fear of a trap or ambush, and will run from combat when significantly hurt. Goblin chiefs also keep their armies in check and working hard; if the chief dies, the goblins will likely scatter and flee; which is why a goblin chief tends to have a few of his finest to guard him.

Goblin Classes Edit

Goblin classes differ slightly from dwarves, since goblins tend not to want to work. The primary difference is the warrior class doubles as a boss, who keeps nearby goblins in check, by use of a whip if they start slacking. This duty is in place of guard duty (for dwarf warriors), and keeps goblin warriors occupied most of the time.

Goblins aren't fully thought out yet, and more detail will continue to be added as time goes on.

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